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Tokyo Akichi Project II  -  東京アキチ・プロジェクト II (2021)

This work is an extension of Tokyo Akichi Project installation series.

Taking as her motif the sandbags often used in construction sites in Tokyo, Mirai Totoki reproduced those bags in cement and placed broccoli seeds on some of them, letting them grow throughout the exhibition period. 

See also Tokyo Under Construction, Tokyo Akichi Project I

How we define and transform ‘natural’ space?
What kind of calculated or unexpected elements are involved? 
When a piece of land in the city is temporarily destroyed, soil and other organic elements reappear. Even during the construction process we can observe, smell and feel different raw materials. A city is never a completed or finished structure, but always changing and alive.

Mirai Totoki

Tokyo Akichi Project II


Cement, soil, plants.

Dimension variable

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