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Al Río Zapardiel  -  サパルディエール川へ (2018)

The Zapardiel river is a sad example of a river destruction. In 2018, when this video-performance was made, this river located in Ávila (Spain) was highly deteriorated as a consequence of agricultural chemicals, urban and industrial discharges and the overexploitation of local aquifers.

In this performance the footprint left by this empty river is traversed, as an absence that wanders along its trail. The movement and the flow of the fabric caused by the characteristic wind of the area, changes the anthropomorphic form of the performer to become a strange spiritual creature. This piece is a homage to the spirit of the river, recalling part of the land which over the years, has changed along with the human and social priorities.

Al Río Zapardiel


Video-performance,  3:26.

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